Factory history

1944 - Vinnitsa Central Repair and Mechanical Workshops (CRRM) of the alcohol trust were founded.

1956 - By order of the Ministry of Food Products of the Ukrainian SSR, CRRM was transferred to the control of the trust "Ukrspirttekhsnab".

1957 - According to the decree of the Council of National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR, TSRMM was transferred to the subordination of the Council of National Economy of the Vinnitsa Economic Region (Podolsk Council of National Economy).

1965 - According to the decree of the Podolsky Council of National Economy, TSRMM was renamed into the "Vinnitsa Mechanical Repair Plant" of Podolskremtrest.

1982 - "Vinnitsa Repair and Mechanical Plant" became part of the research and production association "Ukrpishcheproektmekhanizatsiya".

1984 - "Vinnitsa Repair and Mechanical Plant" was renamed into the research plant NPO "Spektr".

1991 - The plant staff switched to a rental form of labor organization.

1993 - The open joint-stock company "Vinnitsa Pilot Plant" was registered, which is still operating today.

2010 - Due to changes in legislation, the Vinnitsa Experimental Plant Open Joint Stock Company was renamed into the Vinnitsa Experimental Plant Private Joint Stock Company.