For alcohol production

We produce standard installations and equipment for factories producing ethyl alcohol from sugar-containing and starch-containing raw materials with a capacity of 100 to 9000 decalitres/day of the finished product.

Equipment for alcohol production: column, heat exchange. Complex installations. Complex installations: Distillation, Bragorectification multi-column,
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column equipment

Heat exchange equipment

Optional equipment

injection equipment

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distillation plants

Bragorektifikatsionny multi-column installations:

Extractive distillation plants for the production of aromatic essential oils and alcohols.

Installations for the production of cognac alcohol:

Installations for the production of ethyl alcohol - a component of ethanol biofuel.

Steam injection units for heat recovery.

Vacuum units for wort cooling.

Work in progress

Development of the technical part of the projects of new distilleries;
Delivery of the equipment let out by us;
Complete set with the necessary additional purchased equipment;
Installation supervision of the technological part of the plant;
Start-up and adjustment of the technological process with the receipt of the product, predetermined by the contract;
Training of specialists in the process of installation, installation supervision and commissioning of technological equipment;
We carry out a systematic technological and energy audit of enterprises with the execution of a technical assignment and a contract for the reconstruction of the technological process to achieve new quality indicators of the final product and optimal energy consumption of the entire production process;
We carry out repair and restoration of used column and heat exchange equipment;
We carry out calculation, design and manufacture of heat exchangers (spiral, shell-and-tube, pipe in pipe) under the necessary conditions of technological processes;
We carry out the calculation, design and manufacture of non-standard distillation plants for the production of special alcohols with a certain component composition of impurities and optimal energy consumption