We offer metal cutting services at the Swiss laser complex (in Ukraine).

BYSTRONIC BYSTAR 4020 (maximum sheet blank dimensions - 4000 x 2000 mm).
Thickness of processed metal:
    Carbon steel 1.0 - 20 mm
    Stainless steel 1.0 - 12 mm
    Duralumin alloys 1.0 - 8.0 mm
    Brass 1.0 - 3 mm
    Copper 1.0 - 3 mm
Machining accuracy - 0.1 mm
Laser cutting of metal
Sheet metal cuttingToday, laser cutting of metal is an advanced and one of the most dynamically developing methods of its processing. This is due to the reduction in the cost of technological equipment, and most importantly, with the excellent quality of the products obtained.
Laser cutting of metal is carried out under the control of a computer program, in which it is possible to design a 3D model of a future product with filigree accuracy. The beam of light does not deform the material, so the output is an almost exact copy of what was conceived with an error of no more than 0.1 mm.
Laser cutting of metal is cost-effective for the production of both single exclusive products and for mass production. In addition, this method has a number of other positive qualities.

Advantages of laser metal processing
This method is considered revolutionary for a reason - it can be used with the highest accuracy and in the shortest possible time to process metal up to 20 mm thick. At the same time, there are no burrs, notches and other traces on its surface. As a result, products or blanks do not need additional influences. Compared to other metal processing methods, laser cutting has a number of advantages.

Ability to cut sheets made from a variety of materials;
Saving metal due to the minimum width of the cut;
High processing speed;
Extremely small positioning and cutting error;
Ideally smooth cutting surface;
Relatively low cost.


How is laser cutting metal

Laser cutting of sheet metal The main principle of this method is the exposure of sheet metal to a high-energy laser beam. He heats it up to the melting point and then evaporation.
At the point of contact, a hole is formed that changes shape as the beam moves in a certain direction. Computer control of the process provides the highest cutting accuracy and the ability to manufacture parts of any complexity.
To enter the initial data into the program, it is necessary to have the most detailed and clear technical description of the future product.

Terms of reference for laser cutting
Experienced specialists of our company are able to produce electronic scans, cutting and bending charts according to paper drawings or files presented in any format. Also, it is possible to design products according to schemes, sketches or descriptions of the customer. Terms of reference in electronic form are accepted in files of cdw, dxf, frw and dwg formats.
In this case, the contours of the parts must be closed, without overlaps and intersections, and consist of circles, arcs or segments. Arcs should also replace curves represented as splines. A development of each part is placed in a separate file at a scale of 1:1. Also, drawings are required, indicating the dimensions of the bend. The timing and cost of cutting are calculated based on the number of contours, the length of the cuts, the thickness of the metal, as well as the nature of the work on the design and preparation of the main operation.